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The Restoration Contractors Solution 
to Supplements and Billing



You know you should be getting more money on each and every insurance job, right? You know some of the big storm chasing companies has their own "In House Adjusters" to prepare their supplements. You have probably asked yourself over and over, “How do I get that kind of money without spending a fortune.” CLICK HERE to get started NOW!

What if we told you that we will do it for FREE? Yes, FREE in house adjuster staffing!

Let's clarify that statement before you go any further. We do not charge hourly and we don't charge you any money without getting you more money on your contracts. We get paid a percentage of the SUPPLEMENT (money above and beyond the insurance companies estimate) and we only get paid when you get the supplement money! CLICK HERE to get started NOW!


Our In House Adjusters will receive all job information and everything will be handled in our home office JUST LIKE THE BIG INSURANCE COMPANIES DO.

We obviously can’t take everyone and we have requirements for contractors to accept them into our program. The requirements aren't designed to keep people out; they are just to make sure we have a good match.

If you are an exterior restoration contractor and think this may be for you, please contact us today to set up a meeting with one of our experienced sales representatives. We’d love to go over the benefits and show you firsthand what we can do to help YOUR company succeed.

Here are just a few of the items IHAS will implement to guarantee your success for many years to come. CLICK HERE to get started NOW!

  • Field / Estimating Documents & Checklists

  • Photo documentation training

  • Implementing the proper electronic filing requirements (if it wasn't documented, it didn't exist)

  • Implementing the use of supplements

  • Contract review and modifications that MUST be in them

  • Estimating software that we have developed over 15-Years

  • Legal and other documents

  • Close out documents

  • Lien Releases

  • Roofing Order Forms

  • Certificate of Completion Forms

  • Job Costing

  • Crew Pay Requests with Crew Lien Release

  • Warranty

  • Warranty Transfer

  • Notice of intent to Lien

  • Lien Documents

  • Xactimate Implementing

  • Xactimate Training

  • Lender Training to get your $ ASAP

  • Assignment to Pay (bypass lenders form, Allstate only)


CLICK HERE to get started NOW!