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CONTRACTORS: Click here to fill out our questionnaire to see if we may be a good fit for each other. Don't worry, it's short and it will give you an idea what we are looking for and if we are what you are looking for. You can also contact us with our direct contact information below.

INDEPENDENT ADJUSTERS: Click here IF you are a licensed independent adjuster that would like steady work with a very attractive salary and bonus structure, Click here to apply to join out team.

CLAIMS PROCESSOR: Click here IF you are a licensed independent adjuster that is looking for steady work.

INSURED'S REPRESENTATION: Click here if you are looking for a second opinion on a denied claim or a second opinion on a claim that you feel was not adequate, fair, or complete. This is the same as getting a second opinion on a medical concern. Insurance adjusters are human and observe what they see and in may cases are based on opinion. Here at IHAS, we are looked at as the Insured's Adjuster looking out for the insured's best interest.

INSURANCE COMPANIES: Please contact us directly to learn more about areas that we are available for independent adjuster claims services.